From support for IT products in financial technology through development of innovative solutions for your business
NOVATUM is a team of goal-oriented professionals. We specialize in banking and finance and create innovative solutions even where the market seems to be overfilled with ideas.
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White-label techniques for targeted traffic lead generation
In the present-day highly-competitive context of the retail financial services market, great emphasis is placed on a wide product line that banks offer to the public. In this case, an important factor of the competitive ability of the products and services that certain credit institutions deliver is their flexibility allowing them to meet various customer demands as the market environment and the customers' behavior change.

The development of banking products/services is a process which involves the entire corporate structure, from top to bottom, consisting of a huge number of subdivisions (directorates, departments, divisions and sections) and, therefore, a numerous staff.
Creating innovative solutions in financial technology
The turning point for each financial company comes when the management starts revisiting their current fintech products and services to find new ways to invite the customers' funds.
Supporting IT platforms and cloud-based solutions
he problems that you may face about your hardware or software do not only result in downtime periods and business rhythm interruption, but also involve the consequences that you may not notice at first, such as customer attrition or deterioration of the company's reputation. The subscriber survice provides early problem resolution which minimizes all negative consequences for your business.

You can confide the IT support that your business needs to the NOVATUM professional team

Every licensed software product has an official developer support term. When the support term expires, the owner of this product has to bargain for further highly-qualified support and servicing. Most financial technology products require not only technical proficiency but also additional certificates and licenses that permit the company and the company's experts to provide this support.
NOVATUM is where genuine experts work. Our group unites the specialists originating from different foundations, for example, IT, account, banking, promoting, retail, and web based business.

Every day we work for the sake of development of financial and banking areas. We consider it very critical that your business is successful owing to our innovative solutions.

You can learn more about our services or submit your order using our feedback form. We will be happy to meet you!
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Frequently asked questions
Do you cooperate with banks only or work with other companies, too?
Our key business area is, specifically, the banking products development and support. However, we also successfully cooperate with other financial organizations that seek to obtain extra income
I'm just planning to start up a business. Can you help me define the correct development strategy and pick the right financial tools to get the revenue from customers??
We definitely can. When you are at an early business stage, it is very important to opt for the most efficient income raising tools.
What does the process of cooperation with you look like?
First of all, we consider it important to get to know the specific nature of your business to choose the most efficient income raising tools.

We can either come to your office or invite you to visit us. After we meet, we will make a pool of tasks, approve it, and then sign the contract. Then we will do our fruitful job which outcome will surpass all of your expectations.
If we are from abroad, could we organize a skype conference?
Our customers are the residents of many countries scattered all over the world. In many cases, we prefer to have personal meetings, but sometimes a skype video conference will also do
Will we receive the documentation for the products that you company develops?
Yes, sure. You will get a certificate for every product that we develop as well as our support for one year after we deliver the product to you.
We will help you to improve you business by provideing first calss e-payment solution